Region 12 Regional Arts Partnership


The Regional Initiative Grants (RIG) provide Arts Operating Support (AOS), and Arts Project Support (APS) Indiana arts and non-arts organizations.

APS Grants support a distinct aspect of the organization's arts activities, such as a one-time event, a single production, an exhibition, an educational seminar, or series of related arts activities, such as art classes or training sessions.Projects may include, but are not limited to: concerts; theatre productions; visual art exhibitions; touring programs; artist residencies in schools or other community settings; or a broad range of arts-related services for Indiana citizens, artists, arts organizations and communities.

AOS provides operating support for arts-focused organizations with annual budgets exceeding $50,000

Non-arts organizations do not have the arts as their primary mission. They include pre-K, elementary, secondary, schools, and, in some cases colleges and universities; senior centers; parks and recreation departments; civic and community service organizations; professional associations; public libraries; public broadcast stations; health and human service agencies; and other public agencies and private nonprofit tax-exempt community based organizations.

Please contact Rick Bennett for more information.